Clinical Skills Training

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Through the simulation project, the Department promoted the benefits of a rural clinical placement by providing learning activities that students may not experience in a city-based placement such as:

- Workshops that incorporate trained simulated patients in real life situations;
- 'In situ’ sessions where students can witness the role of a rural clinician;
- Inter-professional education (IPE) with activities and scenarios that are relevant to the rural and remote environment.  
- Telehealth sessions in conjunction with Flinders University ViTA.

Workshops enable practice in a variety of fundamental clinical skills.   The aim is to provide a safe learning environment so that students can improve technique and increase confidence and competence in clinical skills to support their entry into the workforce.   Through this training we were also able to offer networking opportunities with other health disciplines and with nursing, medical and allied health students from various education providers.

Activities may be:

Discipline Specific
For nursing students, workshop activities are able to cover all 10 of the most commonly recognised skills which could meet competency standards.  (‘Use of Simulated Learning Environments in Nursing Curricula’)

Medical students are able to get further training in skills to meet competency levels. (2012 ‘Medical Graduate Competency Framework report’)

Adapted to varying skill levels. 

Inter Professional 
IPE workshops emphasise learning in face-to-face interactive sessions involving a mix of nursing, medical and allied health students to support and strengthen communication and understanding between disciplines.

Activities can meet curricula elements associated with clinical placement objectives and cover skills areas such as communication and teamwork - identified as components that span all professions ('Use of Simulated Learning Environments, in Professional Entry Level Curricula, of Selected Professions in Australia’).

For enquiries on education and training for health professional students, please contact Sarah Boyd (Lecturer, Clinical Education).