Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer Program

This program is a key component of the overall Pharmacy Program at GGT UDRH and focusses on the education and training needs of pharmacists based in rural and remote areas of south west Victoria and south east South Australia. This project replaces the previous Pharmacist Academics at University Departments of Rural Health (PAUDRH) program. It differs by placing more emphasis on direct support to community pharmacists; and less on research activities and support for other health professionals around medicines management.

There are three key elements to the RPLO program:

1.    Undergraduate Pharmacy Student Support Program
This initative facilitates high quality support to undergraduate pharmacy students during their rural placements, and has been a core feature of the academic pharmacy position since its inception in 2003. It involves providing support to students when they arrive for their placements, facilitating a variety of health and multidisciplinary experiences, and providing information to students through rural focused curricula. This program works closely with the Student Support Program.

2.    Preceptor Training Program
This program provides support to preceptors in the GGT region in the development of student supervision skills and strategies that will enhance the efficiency of supervision and the placement experience. This happens through a series of workshops aimed at the delivery of preceptor training dedicated to pharmacists, with workshops complemented by offers of individualised further support.

 3.   Professional Development 
The Pharmacy Portal is a regional pharmacy web-based resource being developed to faciliate networking with health professionals and provide access to online education and training opportunities. This initiative is aimed to increase networking and professional development opportunities between pharmacists and other health professionals in rural areas. 

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, and managed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

For further information on the RPLO program contact the Director.

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