About Us

The Greater Green Triangle UDRH is one of eleven University Departments of Rural Health throughout Australia and is part of the Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN).

UDRHs are focused on expanding and enhancing the rural and remote health workforce through multidisciplinary education and training, research, professional support and service development. They are the only rurally based academic facilities that work with all health disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and with the existing workforce.

Each UDRH caters specifically to the needs of their local region.  They are well established, diverse and complementary, forming the most significant rural health academic consolidation in Australia.

The Greater Green Triangle UDRH is a program that combines major academic institutions, health services, industry groups and communities to promote ‘Greater Health' in the Greater Green Triangle region.

The GGT UDRH has a strong presence in the Greater Green Triangle region with offices in Hamilton, Mt Gambier and Warrnambool and a dispersed network of innovative multi-disciplinary student support, teaching and research sites embedded throughout the region and in metropolitan Victoria and South Australia.

The GGT UDRH is located within the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences of Flinders University and is positioned within Deakin University's Faculty of Health's Population Health Strategic Research Centre


10 Year Book Front Cover

This booklet highlights a decade of achievement of the Greater Green Triangle University Department of Rural Health and how it established its goals based around research, education and training, resources and services.  It details the history of the department, what has been done, why, and what has been learnt, and how a modestly funded program with strong leadership has made such a difference to the Greater Green triangle region's health and capacity.


Our Vision:

To be recognised as a centre for excellence in health services, public health and workforce research and health professional education

Our Mission:

To create a 'network for excellence' in:

  • Health professional education
  • Population and health services research throughout the GGT region